Japan 2016

Lifestyle videography filmed for a personal trip

Hoot Thumbnail


DIY virtual reality viewer for smartphones

Demo Reel 2015 Thumbnail

Demo Reel 2015

Various motion pieces from 2015

Frontline Thumbnail

Ebola Outbreak: A Virtual Journey

VFX for VR documentary

Gnarcade Thumbnail


Identity and motionography for website and video series

Meatshop Thumbnail


Package design for menswear

DSA Thumbnail

Design Students Association

Identity and videos for student organization.

Video Game Doc Thumbnail

Video Game: A Love Story

Short documentary on personal nostalgia

Ubisoft Thumbnail

Splinter Cell: Shatterpoint

Prototype for limited edition game packaging

RELTC Thumbnail

Reimagining Long-Term Residential Care

Identity and website for research project

Beneath the Surface Thumbnail

Beneath the Surface

Infographic about iPhone production

Wabora Logo Thumbnail

Logo Concepts

Various logo concepts from 2009 to 2013

Expo thumb

Toronto World Expo 2025

Concept for Toronto World Expo 2025